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Q1: What are the strengths of JW8?
JW8 is proud to be the first prestigious online gaming website in the Asian market. Our company provides many interesting gaming products such as Sports, live casinos, slot games, etc. B7 especially online horse racing and online cock-fighting. JW8 guarantees that all deposit and withdrawal transactions of our players are always processed promptly. Moreover, players are supported by our 24/7 professional customer service.
Q2: Is it safe to join JW8 website?
All information of our players is secured absolutely by our system in abroad. In addition, we also request our banks, transfer agents, credit card institution, and our partners to secure our players' information for their transactions. All their deposits are considered commercial accounts and will not transfer to others.
Q3: What is the legal age limit to join JW8?
The legal age limit to join JW8 is over the age of 18.
Q4: Is it compulsory to register with a real name at JW8?
For security reasons, players are required to register an account with their names that are matched with their bank account name. Hence, all deposit and withdrawal transactions must be submitted with their correct names.
Q5: What should I do if I forget the password of JW8 account?
Please enter JW8 website, then click on "Forget Password", fill in full of correct information: user and registered email, then click 'OK'. Our system will send your email a temporary password to sign in. After sign in successfully, you may change your password and use the newest password to sign in the next time.
Q6: May I use the credit card of which the owner's name is not my name?
You are advised to use your own credit card to make a deposit.
Q7: Do I need to pay service charge when I make a deposit or withdrawal?
You may pay a small charge of service, depending on which method you choose. For this charge, kindly contact your banks for more information. There is free of charge processing from your accounts at JW8, whereas there are some charges of service processing by some banks, credit card institutions, or electronic wallets you choose. You may check the table of service charges at banks where you make a deposit or withdrawal. JW8 does not receive any charges from your transactions.
Q8: What documents are requested to make a withdrawal at JW8?
There is no need to prepare any documents, just ensure that the registered bank account name matches the name used for registration.
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Access to online casino and online slot services available 24 hr. direct slot website is the most popular and trusted by gamble. That's why JW8 is number 1 in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia you can enjoy with slot or another game everyday. It will can make you happiness or the time
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